Pinakin Gunvant Davey PhD, OD, FAAO, FOWNS

Professor College of Optometry WesternU Director of Clinical Research Western University of Health Sciences Phone: 901-831-1562 (mobile)

Bachelor of Science Optometry 1st Class (Aug 1995 – June 1999)

Elite School of Optometry, Chennai, India
Affiliated to Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani, Rajasthan, India

Graduate Education
Doctor of Philosophy (11/1999- 12/2002) 
Mentor Professor Daniel O’ Leary
Dissertation: “The influence of corneal dimensions on measurement related to glaucoma and ocular hypertension”
Anglia Polytechnic University (now called Anglia Ruskin University)
Department of Optometry and Ophthalmic Dispensing
Cambridge, England

Post-doctoral fellowship: Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences Mentor Professor Edward A Essock PhD, Ocular Imaging and Glaucoma
University of Louisville, Kentucky (02/2003/03/2006)

Professional education
Doctor of Optometry (2006-2010) Southern College of Optometry

Fellow of American Academy of Optometry (FAAO): Class of 2003 in scientist/research track.
Fellow of Ocular Wellness and Nutrition Society (FOWNS): Class of 2021

Research Experience:

06/1998 to 06/1999 Histopathology lab in Sankara Nethralaya, Medical Research Foundation, Chennai, India. Supervisor consultant ophthalmologist: Dr. Jyotirmay Biswas

12/1999 to 01/2003 Data collection for Ph.D. studies; I conducted experiments at Department of Optometry and Ophthalmic Dispensing, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge England. Supervisors Professor Daniel O’Leary and Dr. Russell Watkins

08/2001 to 10/2001 Data collection for Ph.D. studies; I conducted research at Department of Ophthalmology, Norfolk and Norwich NHS Trust Hospital, Norwich, England. Supervisors’ consultant ophthalmologists: Drs. David Broadway and Russell Watkins

11/2001 to 01/2002 Data collection for Ph.D. studies; I conducted research at Department of Glaucoma, Sankara Nethralaya, Medical Research Foundation Chennai, India. Supervisors’ consultant ophthalmologists: Drs. Lingam Vijaya and Mani Baskaran
02/2003 to 03/2006 Data collection for post-doctoral research; I conducted research in the Department of Glaucoma, the Kentucky Lions Eye Care Center Louisville, Kentucky, USA. Supervisor: Dr. Edward Essock, PhD and consultant ophthalmologist: Dr. Joern Soltau

Additional training:
Selected and attended Summer Institute for Faculty Development workshop conducted by Association of Schools of Colleges of Optometry.
02/2008 Attended three-day training and workshop on Institutional Review Board fundamentals for IRB administrators

07/2008 Selected and attended The Summer Clinical Research Institute at The Ohio State University conducted by the American Optometric Association and American Academy of Optometry
07/2018 Attended Chairs and Academic Administrators Management Program a three- day training and workshop at AAL Training Center Atlanta

Professional Experience:

07/1999 to 10/1999: Chennai, India
Sankara Nethralaya Eye Hospital Chennai, India; Optometrist in Department of Optometry 6/2002 to 01/2003: Norwich, England
Practitioner examining patients for refractive surgery and after care with Dr. Pandit (Ophthalmologist) and Mr. Conway (Optometrist)
03/2006-06-2011 Memphis Tennessee, USA
Faculty at the Eye Center at Southern College of Optometry
01-2012- 01-2013 Part time Optometrist Nvision Pasadena
07/2011 to present: Pomona, California USA
Faculty at the Eye Care Center at Western University of Health Sciences
Professional License
NPI number 1659685733

2010 to 2012 Therapeutic Optometrist Tennessee (2948) 2011 to present California Optometrist 14334 TLG

Academic Appointments:

12/1999 to 01/2003: Cambridge, England
Part-time lecturer in the Department of Optometry and Ophthalmic Dispensing, Anglia Polytechnic University, Cambridge, England
03/2006 to 06/2011: Memphis, Tennessee, USA
Assistant Professor at Southern College of Optometry
10/2006 to 2013: Louisville, Kentucky USA
Adjunct faculty at University of Louisville, Kentucky USA
07/2009 to 2012: Memphis, Tennessee, USA
Adjunct faculty at the University of Memphis, Tennessee, USA
07/2011 to present: Memphis, Tennessee.
Adjunct faculty at Southern College of Optometry

07/2011 to 2014: Pomona, California, USA
Associate Professor at Western University of Health Sciences, College of Optometry 07/2015 to 06/2019 Pomona California, USA
Director of Research, Western University of Health Sciences, College of Optometry
07/2014 to present Pomona, California, USA
Professor at Western University of Health Sciences, College of Optometry
04/2021 to present Pomona, California, USA
Director of Clinical Research at Western University of Health Sciences.
This university appointment brings the Center of Clinical and Translation Research under my leadership. The Center of Clinical and Translation Research goals are the increase research productivity and bring the nine colleges of health sciences clinical research under one organizational structure.

Membership in Professional Organizations:

2002 to present Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology
2002 to present American Academy of Optometry; Fellow since 2003
2006 to present 
Optometric Glaucoma Society (Appointment based on research merit) 2011 to present American Optometric Association
2011 to present California Optometric Association
2011 to present Inland Empire Optometric Society (President 2017-2018)
2019 to present 
Ocular Wellness and Nutrition Society (Vice President 2020- 2023)

Travel awards:

1) The Wellcome Trust, UK, Travel Grant (in the Ph.D. and post-doctoral category; £1000) to travel to Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO) 2002.
2) Anglia Polytechnic University Travel Grant (£1000) to travel to American Academy of Optometry (AAO) 2002.

3) Student Travel fellowship award ($500), from AAO 2003.
4) Grawemeyer Research Fellowship from University of Louisville ($ 750) to travel to ARVO 2004
5) Student Travel fellowship award ($500), from AAO 2004
6) Grawemeyer Research Fellowship from University of Louisville ($ 750) to travel to ARVO 2005

Academic awards:

1) Best poster, World Optometry Day, Elite School of Optometry (1996)
2) Best scientific paper award, Indian Contact Lens Conference (1998)
3) Best contact lens project award, Elite School of Optometry (1999)
4) Award for proficiency in public relations and communication Elite School of Optometry, (1999)

5) Award from the Governor Ernie Fletcher of Commonwealth of Kentucky for service to Kentucky Optometric Association and overall benefit to the state of Kentucky (2007)
6) WITELO Medal from University of Medical Science, Poznan, Poland in recognition of help for the Optometry Development in Poland (2011)

7) Awarded honorary membership to COMOF Optometric Extension Program national optometry organization Mexico in recognition of continued efforts for the progress and development of Optometry in Mexico (2013)
8) Excellence in Optometric Education Award 2015, Awarded by California Optometric Association (2016)

9) Provost’s Distinguished Scholar Award this award is given to one faculty member in the entire university for research and grant accomplishments (2016)
10) Young Optometrist of the Year Award 2016, Awarded by California Optometric Association (2017)

11) Young Optometrist of the Year California Nominee to American Optometric Association



Systems, methods, and computer-readable media for detecting and predicting a progression of retinal pathologies US 20130114041 A1 Patent Application Serial No. 61/234,803 Ref. 304044.84705P
Status: Awarded 2013 Inventors Drs. Khan Iftekahruddin, Paul Kim, Pinakin Davey

Zeaxanthin and Neuroprotection U.S. Provisional Application No. 62/642,888; Our Reference: 029.0056-PR00 Filed but not pursued by University.
Status: Under review Inventors Drs. Pinakin G Davey and Donald J Cameron


Peer reviewed and indexed journals
1) J Biswas, R Raghavendran, G Pinakin, D Arjundas: Presumed Eales’ disease with

neurological involvement Report of three Cases: Retina, 2001: 21:141-145.
2) RJ Watkins, L Panchaal, J Uddin, P Gunvant: Vertical cup-to-disc ratio – Agreement between direct ophthalmoscopic estimation, fundus biomicroscopic estimation and scanning laser ophthalmoscopic measurement. Optometry and Vision Science, 2003:

80: 454-459.
3) P Gunvant, DC Broadway, RJ Watkins: Repeatability and reproducibility of the BVI

ultrasonic pachymeter, Eye, 2003: 17:825-828.
4) EP Osuobeni, C Hegarty, P Gunvant: The effect of corneal thickness on the estimate of

anterior chamber depth, Clinical and Experimental Optometry, 2003: 86: 371-375.
5) P Gunvant, M Baskaran, L Vijaya, IS Joseph, RJ Watkins, M Nallaputla, DC Broadway, DJ O’Leary: Effect of corneal parameters on measurements using the Pulsatile Ocular Blood Flow Tonograph and Goldmann applanation tonometer. British Journal of

Ophthalmology, 2004; 88: 518-522.
6) P Gunvant, RJ Watkins, DC Broadway, DJ O’Leary: Repeatability and effects of sequential

measurements with POBF Tonograph Optometry and Vision Science2004; 81: 794-

7) P Gunvant, Y Zheng, E Essock, P Chen, D Greenfield, H Bagga, M Bohem: Predicting

subsequent visual field loss in glaucoma subjects with disc hemorrhage using RNFL polarimetry. Journal of Glaucoma2005; 14: 20-25.

8) EA Essock, Y Zheng, P Gunvant: Analysis of GDx-VCC polarimetry data by Wavelet- Fourier Analysis (WFA) across glaucoma stage. Invest Ophthal and Vis. Sci. 2005; 46: 2838-2847.

9) P Gunvant, DJ O’Leary, M Baskaran, DC Broadway, RJ Watkins, L Vijaya: Evaluation of tonometric correction factors. Journal of Glaucoma, 2005; 14: 337-343.

10) P Gunvant, M Baskaran, L Vijaya, BC Hansen, IS Joseph, RJ Watkins, DC Broadway, DJ O’Leary: Comparison of pulsatile ocular blood flow in Indians and Europeans Eye2005, 19, 1163-1168.

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